about us

Ukrainian Ecological Alliance is the biggest association of enterprises that work in a waste management market

UKRECOALLIANCE is the largest Association of enterprises for utility services and waste management in Ukraine.

The Association was founded in 2012 by two world leaders in waste management – Veolia and Remondis companies. Since then, our association has grown and replenished with new strong market players.

Today we have 20 members – the best companies in our industry. All of them being trusted and respected by their clients and have an impeccable business reputation.


On December 6’ 2018 Association executives elected Maxim Barinov as the CEO.

Maxim Barinov has been working in housing and utility services for more than 10 years.

He worked as the Head of the utility services and landscaping Department of the Ministry of Regional Development, as well as the Deputy Head of the utility services and housing Main Department of the Kyiv City State Administration.

our mission

Promote sustainable development of Ukraine

  • Preserve and restore national resources

  • Protect and restore biodiversity

  • Develop a “green energy” eco system

  • Promote sustainable economy development

our goals

Unite companies that share same values in waste management

  • Unite waste management market members and strategic partners in one powerful Association

  • Share modern and innovative set of tools and solutions with market players

  • Build sustainable and efficient waste management system that will bring investors to Ukraine

our tasks

Make waste management transparent, cost-effective and eco friendly


  • Create market of high-quality utility services
  • Develop green energy market and support circular economy
  • Create background for a great investing potential
  • Spread the philosophy of responsible consumption